World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 12 - Angela Brisnovali, Greece/New York

Angela Brisnovali lives and works in Greece and in New York. In Greece she lives on the island Syros  with one of the largest shipyards of Greece.

The theme of Angela Brisnovali’s recent work is the observation of light conditions in a natural or an industrial/urban environment. ‘In city-scapes’ and ‘industrial sites’, I look for all kinds of grid-patterns, and color instances. In ‘the natural landscape’ I observe how the effect of light during the year creates patterns in the growing plans and land formations.’

Ports and shipyards

Her latest work investigates the effects of color or the lack of direct light and how these elements create abstract design-patterns on the images of buildings (architecture)  and also machinery in ports and shipyards. These subjects she finds in her hometown and also in major port-cities like Amsterdam, New York and Pireaus. ‘I use photography and drawings to make notes of the sites and then, I work on the composition-design and tonal or color studies in the studio. I tend to work in long-project periods.’

Angela Brisnovali lives in Greece in close proximity to a major industrial-complex site, ‘NEORION-Shipyards’, one of the largest shipyards of Greece, in the island of Syros. ‘It is  a romantic industrial landscape, situated by the Aegean seaside, under the Cycladic sun. I daily observe area, as I walk around it, walking back home from the town-central or walking my dog near the site’

The Aegean light

‘I have always had an affinity for the kind of mysterious vast-spaces that are highly architectural and overly designed but mostly look ghostly and deserted, producing only audible life-signs. I feel that this preoccupation belongs to the 19th century artistic tradition of glamourizing of the ‘machine’ and the ‘industrial landscape’.

I find it natural to reproduce the feeling of industrial sites in the mediums of charcoal, ink and graphite. Also I love it to produce tonal values of drawing industrial views into colorful studies based on the effects of intense Aegean light on artificial safety-colors found around these places.’

Introspective time

Brisnovali has been an artist for 30 years. She started her formal art-education in Greece and continued in New York, in the United States. There she studies drawing and painting at the Superior School of Fine Arts of Athens. She continues with College studies in ‘Painting’ & ‘Art History’. She received a bachelor in Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute, NY and a ‘Combined Media’ Masters of Fine Art degree from Hunter College, both in New York. Additionally she studied at the Art Students League of NY and ‘The Independent Studio Program of the Whitney Museum’ in NY.

Now she is settled in Syros one of the Cycladic Aegean islands, in order to take advantage of the age-old sunlight and ancient landscape. ‘The local environment is a source of intense inspiration, where it is easier for me to find introspective time, to observe the simpler artistic basics. I work on my art independently while working in teaching art in a University Industrial Design Department.

In my 30 years art productions, the formal expression of these art concerns have been expressed in different ways. I would say that my most important ‘key work’ has not been produced yet. If pressed to think about this, ‘key works’ can be found in my productions of the late 80’s and mid 90’s.’




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