World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 15 - Michael Stack

Michael Stack is living in Kansas City in the state of Missouri. He made sculptures, large scale structures based on a concept of R. Buckminster Fuller, but these days he paints mainly.  A recent series is the Eagleman series.

Michael Stack explains: ‘My recent paintings are about Eaglemen, being my symbolic, almost Icarus-Iike figure. Eagleman does not like Icarus, fall to his death, but he sores for the sun. I am Eagleman. This Eagleman  series of paintings is an entirely new venture started in Chicago in 2009. When I moved to Kansas City, I continued it.

A hedonistic miasma

Before these paintings I had a long period of not painting. My last painting before this long period was about 9/11. It was a 9/11 Triptych. A very poetic painting. Eagleman as an image grew from the central figure of this 9/11 painting. Over the time that I was painting him, he became o figure of aspiration, of change, of a will to seek a new truth.’ 

 ‘My whole career, I went through a lot of pain. I painted about pain, about danger. How close we come to danger, that with one misstep we are in trouble. The Eagleman paintings do not reject that idea, I am still prone to trouble, but I am aspiring to this new truth.

A hedonistic maisma in my Poem The Eagleman Story (see down) refers to the amnesiastic sea in the body where we live in, in our mother’s uterus, before birth. In our sea of purity. Once you leave that sea you are in trouble.


In life, I have been happy, but not perfectly happy. The wolf is always around the corner. That’s the danger I speak about. Now, on this trip to Amsterdam, I had little wolf bites.

As to my metal sculptures, I made two- and threedimensional wallsculptures. I also made towers. Towers are my dream. The concept is based on the ideas of R. Buckminster Fuller, an American neo-futuristic architect, a metallurgist in the beginning of the 20th century.

He figured out the components of the metal he made his stoff from. He discovered  the tetrahelical structures. They are incredibly strong. With them you can build a geodesic dome. With the lightest material you can build a huge space. When I discovered it I started working changing it, giving it my personal twist.  I made – based on the concept – towers and cilinders.

Layers of paint

I made an engine, hundred feet tall. All my threedimensional work is based on intuition.  Painting is a more of an exploration. In the Eagleman series I use different layers of paint. Sometimes many, many layers, like for instance in the green Eagleman.

In 2012 there was one left of the nine Eagleman paintings. The rest was sold. In 2012 I made nine Eagleman paintings. In total there are 17.   They have been shown in Kansas City. And now in Amsterdam. 


The Eagleman Story

a phantasmagorial emissary

from the land of the whenwhy

careening through a hedonistic

miasma of painstench

searching for morsels of pleasure

in an endless plain of carrion

entering an amnesical sea of conciousness

met a blue calm

renewing him

as an acolyte of relevance

soaring through mists of uncertainty

toward a new nirwana 




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