World Fine Art Professionals and their Key-Pieces, 2 - Ana Cvejic

Ana Cvejic studied violin when she was at highschool. She even finished the ‘Josip Slavenski music school’ with a degree for violin playing. But she didn’t continue. ‘I realized that I wanted to be an artist, a painter, who creates in a much more creative way and not to be a person who plays other people’s work. My message will thus be remembered through pictures, graphics and drawings.

Asked what the central theme of her work is, she says: ‘ A man. Man as a human being and as a sexual being. His behavior, emotions, sexuality, sadness, fear and pain.‘ When we see her paintings, graphics and drawings we can note that man includes women. The faces and the bodies of the men and the women have strong traits, some look even a little bit aggressive.  

Strong power

On this she says: ‘Aggressive is an ambiguous word. You have to explain which form of aggression. I don’t want my works to give the impression of something painful in a negative connotation. Strong is much more the word because it means the people in my works radiate strong power. This in turn will affect the spectator who can feel the projected emotion. Everybody can experience his or her own pain or pleasure in the images.’

As for the naked body and eroticism in her work in connection with the city and country she works in, Belgrade Serbia, she says: Serbia is still a conservative environment. Not that all people are conservative, but some lines of thought can be converted. The scenes that I represent are part of ordinary life. We all make love, see naked bodies, see two people kissing ….. As an artist I do not understand who are afraid to see these scenes in public, and who would prefer to see it hided. I call them false moralists.’


The presentation of the individual, his or her sadness and satisfaction and excitement  is her contribution to the visual arts. ‘It is a topic that excites me and that influences my work. A man tries to hide and not show his emotions. It is a challenge for me to show the vulnerable moments and emotions.  

As for the images shown here, Anna says: ‘The painting “In the dark” presents a  sleeping girl who feels her sexuality. It shows the girl and the man who observes her with a lustful view. It displays the sleeping beauty and the shadow of the man who looks at her beauty.

Asked for a Key-work in her total work, she reacts that she can’t exactly point put one drawing, print or painting. Her Key-work is hidden in her mind. ‘The Key to my work is the idea. Each materiality brings a new spirit and a new event.’


The drawing “View Alexandro” has been done with soft pastels on paper. In the center there is a man staring into the future. The helmet protects the head against external factors that might negatively influence his thoughts. He is always ready, and therfore he developes  a protective role. Men develope themselves as sexual beings and as a man who thinks about his past and his view about the future which is uncertain.

 “Mask” is made in the mezzotint technique which is very demanding and requires a lot of work and dedication. My goal was to display a face that could be in the same moment of everyone and anyone. The mask is made in the manner of pop art, which is unusual for this technique if you bear in mind that generally works in mezzotint are in black and white.’

People of the Future

Ana Cvejic wants to show her work on a wide scale in order that may people will be able to learn and recognize her message. If observers of her work will reflect on the persons of her images, she has succeeded, she feels. 

Ana is an artist for eight years. In 2012 she finished her master studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, department of painting. ‘The life of an artist is not easy. We meet a lot of misunderstanding because artists are special people. Every beginning is difficult and that’s true for me as well, especially in Serbia. Young people tend to believe that ‘the old world’ is not giving us a chance. So I am grateful to Ella Arps for giving me the opportunity to display the works called “People of the Future’.                                               







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